The vast majority of adverse events are anatomy related, not product related. If you have an interest in advancing your knowledge of facial anatomy - safe injecting techniques and enhanced natural looking results, we are here for you.  

Joel Pessa, MD; Plastic Surgeon - Facial Anatomist - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas

Cathy is as committed to learning facial anatomy as any physician I have ever taught. In all my teaching years, one of her best qualities I have observed is she loves what she does. That always trumps someone who just does it for money

Dr. Leslie Smith, Cosmetic Surgeon – Sapphire Aesthetics - Minneapolis, MN

I learned about Cathy Uecker through one of my reps. My experience of having Cathy as my instructor was excellent. Her review of anatomy and the pitfalls was eye opening and very beneficial. Her hands on and easy going instruction with live models to reshape the jaw line was superb. Her training made a very positive impact on my practice and boosted my skills even more. It was simply the BEST training I have attended

Evette McCormack, RN

I’d give Cathy ten stars if I could. Her training is phenomenal, unlike any other training I’ve ever attended. She devoted her attention to me, and I received plenty of hands on training, setting her far above the standard. Her focus on anatomy and safety is outstanding. She didn’t just tell me what to do, she always provided a scientific based rational. As a brand new injector, she was so patient and kind, thoroughly sharing her experience and knowledge in every aspect of the business, from the initial consultation to injecting techniques, to follow-up. It was an incredible experience, in which I now feel 100% confident to safely practice

Annu Mohan M.D. – Rosewood Healthcare – Mt Pleasant, MI

Jessica Meyers, Nurse Practicioner

I cannot say enough great things about Cathy. She was phenomenal to work with in so many ways. She was passionate, thorough, and full of knowledge. I really loved how she helped me with injection techniques that were safe for the client. Unlike other trainers she uses her years of experience and expertise of cadaver injections to help rationalize safe and effective treatments. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her and would do it again in a heartbeat

Mitchell Shek, M.D. -- Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatologist -- Birmingham

I can't begin to tell you how much of an asset Cathy has been to me and my practice. She is a superb teacher. I have learned as much from her as I have at any seminar. I consider my time with Cathy as the most valuable learning experiences of my career

Cathy, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful training at Simply the Best Aesthetics. I felt I got tips and wisdom which comes after years (over 30 years) of experience. I walked out of the training feeling far more comfortable using fillers. You made learning easy, simplified with a lot of attention to anatomy. I learned a lot, it was indeed an advanced training in session. I also want to thank Bill, who was a wealth of marketing knowledge too

Suzette Walker, Nurse Practicioner

I learned more from Cathy in one day than I learned in any other course ever attended. Her focus on anatomy details leads to not only safer injections, but to more natural results using less product – and happy clients

T. Platt, M.D.,

Medical Aesthethics Ann Arbor

I had the good fortune to spend a day with Cathy learning to do fillers, with a bonus of some advanced Botox training. Cathy’s knowledge of facial anatomy is phenomenal - she demonstrates the best techniques used for placing fillers based on the client’s individual features.  So much better than the “canned” trainings offered elsewhere. Time well spent!

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